A glance on how Mr. Robb Quinn became emperor of start-up space

Alan Turning in The Imitation Game quoted, “Sometimes it is the people no one imagines anything of, do the things no one can imagine.”

A Kansas boy who was never the most ideal person in the eye of the regular society and did not meet up to society’s expectations – Be it dropping out of the college in just two weeks or multiple run-ins with the law, Mr. Robb Quinn terms himself to be imperfect. However, turning all those peculiar points into his favor by looking at them differently than the normal, provided him with a deep insight into his life and paved the way for glory. Where society limits its imagination, analyzing every situation from a different perspective made him stand out.

“The Sales Agency”, the firm owned by Mr. Quinn came into existence back in October 2017 and within just two years he turned it into a million-dollar company with his sheer dedication and hustle. The secret of his success completely lies within the authenticity and staying true to his work, no matter the amount of success. Having a huge amount of customer support and trust is the result of the same.

With the same set of principles, Mr. Quinn intends to take his company to a valuation of over 100 million dollars in the coming five years while setting up two more sibling companies to support the efforts of The Sales Agency. Apart from that, the desire to contribute to society by developing a refined AI software to reform the effective communication in the world which will be of great help in reducing suicides, divorces, and other less than ideal life scenarios in pursuit of a better world is paramount according to him.

Continuing the achievement of his sky-high dreams, he still wants to remain connected to his roots and help society in every possible manner that he could. Being a Kansas boy living in the city and driving a 2008 Yukon Denali, The Sales Agency is the most fulfilling entity he wishes for himself.

We wish him the best for all the endeavors he may embark upon in the future.

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