Find out about Taydee Marie’s tips to succeeding in the entertainment industry:

Taydee Marie is a talented young woman who is establishing herself as a singer, songwriter, and Actress Model while being based in LA. She is constantly working on making her mark in the industry and has been gaining a huge following on her social media handles. She is overall a positive personality and likes to take it easy during times of distress. Being a passionate soul, Taydee has always loved to entertain people and loves sending a message through most of her creative projects and aspects of her life. This is why she pours all her energy into her work and likes to give it 100 percent each day. 

Taydee started out very young as a model and has been modeling since she was a kid. The way she works is that she puts a goal in her head and does her best to pursue it. She is a true artist who is super creative. Taydee says she can get a bit sensitive and emotional as well at times which is true to every artist who works so hard. On gloomy days, she prefers to stay positive and the good side of her life rather than being stuck in a negative thought pattern.

She says, when she tends to get anxious about her life, the best way to counterattack her mood is to write a song. It also serves as therapy for her. She is a motivator at the core and loves to lift people around her. This, she considers, as a big secret towards surviving in the industry. Be your own motivator, because more than success, entertainers tend to witness rejection. 

You have to be one of the nicest people around when you are a part of the entertainment industry as there’s always going to be another girl who is much prettier and nicer than you who could grab the opportunity. This realization keeps her humble and grounded. She is always willing to adjust her timing and keeps her schedule flexible so that she is more approachable to people. If you are rigid, people tend to give you a cold shoulder and this can be a bad sign because the words spread like fire.

We wish her all the best for the future and thank her for sharing insight into her life journey as this is sure to inspire many who look up to her. To know more about Taydee, visit her website:

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