General social media marketing tips for elevating online traffic by top entrepreneur, Jennifer Brooks

Her social media marketing company, International Loops has grown massively with its creative and innovative advertising campaigns.

The growth of different industries today can be attributed to not just the constant developments it has embraced, but most importantly, to the people who have worked relentlessly with an unwavering vision to grow the business industry. Social media has become a world of its own, where people connect with each other from any corner of the globe. However, Jennifer Brooks, who is the proud Founder and CEO of International Loops, a flourishing social media marketing firm is of the opinion that today, social media platforms are more than just social mediums and have become more marketing mediums. This has doubled the opportunities for digital entrepreneurs like her to leverage the resources available with the digital space and take people, brands and businesses to the next level. Her firm, which she initiated in the year 2015, International Loops, has now become an industry leader for its excellence in social media audience acquisition.

It is also the longest-running giveaway campaign host in the industry that has created its unique place by exceeding the expectations of its clients and delivering real results. Jennifer Brooks, who was a high school dropout, worked initially as a waitress and sold on eBay as a stay at home mom and went ahead in owning a multi-million dollar company.

Below she lays out a few general social media marketing tips for elevating the online traffic and presence.

  • Define the goals: For reaching the results, one desire, he/she needs to pen down the goals first. Jennifer Brooks says people need to be specific, set attainable goals and make sure they are measurable.
  • Know the target audience: It is important to understand whom people want to target. After knowing the target market, they should draw a social media strategy around the audience, for attaining the results they desire, suggests the ace entrepreneur.
  • Select social media platforms wisely: Only being present on all social media platforms is not important, but being impactful on those mediums is what is essential believes Jennifer Brooks. She says people must focus on the platforms that are preferred by their target audience and create content that can connect with them.
  • Ace the art of storytelling: Real and honest stories connect deeply with people, says Jennifer Brooks. It is the stories that sell and not the product. When people create brands with a certain story to tell, which can profoundly impact their audiences, it can inspire more ideas and encourage interaction.

Jennifer Brook’s most used productivity hack is “No days off”. With her firm International Loops, she aims to take it and her team to numbers they never thought they could do and also help thousands skyrocket their social media game, and income. To connect with the team, follow it on Instagram @internationalloops.

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