Taking it up as his responsibility and duty to bridge people back to life is Dr Russell Surasky

As a board-certified doctor in addiction medicine and neurology, Dr Russell Surasky talks about how adults can help teens avoid drugs.

Any kind of addiction or drug abuse can have harmful impacts and effects on any person on this earth. The effects can be so grave that some cases can even lead to deaths. In the US, opiate addiction is one such issue that has been lying since years, but very few medical practitioners and doctors have come with solutions that could give permanent recovery to patients. However, Dr Russell Surasky stands apart from others with the non-addictive and safe treatments that he has developed for people with addictions with his unique Vivitrol treatments as well as early-stage detox medications.

Dr Russell Surasky, who is the proud founder of Surasky Neurological Center for Addiction in Great Neck, NY and the medical director of Bridge Back to Life, a multi-centre outpatient addiction treatment program, helping people come out of their addictions, lays out a few strategies through which the adults can help teens avoid drugs.

  • Talk about it: Dr Russell Surasky says that adults must avoid giving any lectures and instead, listen to their teen’s opinions and questions about drugs. Assure the teen that he/she can be honest with you.
  • Focus on what the teen consumes on social media: Social media can all at once be very overwhelming for many reasons. Hence, adults must make sure that their teens do not see movies, television, shows, etc. that directly or indirectly glamourizes drug use. Dr Russell Surasky says that adults must talk about what their teens hears and sees.
  • Discuss reasons to avoid drugs: Adults must avoid any scare tactics, points out Dr Russell Surasky. He says that they must discuss things to their teens that can broaden their mindset about the effects of drugs on their bodies and brains and discuss other reasons why they should avoid using drugs citing reasons of harmful impacts on great health, sports career, and appearance etc.
  • Educate them: Dr Russell Surasky says that just like many adults who are still unaware of how prescribed medications from their doctors and overdose of the same can also lead to addiction, many teens also have no idea about this issue. Hence, adults must make it a point to educate the teens regarding opiate addictions and help them come out of it.

Apart from his Vivitrol treatments, Dr Russell Surasky has gone ahead others with his spinal treatments as well, which have shown astounding results on patients and helped in giving them even permanent recoveries. Do visit his website, to know more.

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