Google Keep Notes: Here are 10 tips and tricks to become a master

Google Keep Notes may be the most misjudged of Google’s services. It’s something other than a place to scribble down individuals’ thoughts—it’s additionally the missing link to bring Docs, Calendar, Photos, and the rest of Google’s services together. Here are 10 tips and tricks to unlock the full potential of Google Keep Notes:

  1. Take a voice memo

While the vast majority use Google Keep Notes to type speedy notes to themselves, people can really get their thoughts down much faster by utilizing their voice. In the bottom menu on the main screen, people can tap the microphone icon to speak their note to Google Keep. It’ll both record and transcribe all that people say, so regardless of whether Google’s dictation engine misses a word, despite everything they will have a record of it.

2. Transcribe text from a photograph

Audio isn’t the only thing Google Keep Notes can transcribe. On the off chance that people import a photograph with words on it, Keep Notes can get that text. Tap the photograph to open it, and afterward tap the three-dot menu in the top right corner and select Grab picture text. Return to individuals’ note and they will see the words that were in the pic pasted below it, in the proper order, capitalized appropriately, and ready to edit.

3. Draw on (or off) photographs

Translating text isn’t the only thing people can do to a photograph in Google Keep Notes. They can likewise feature, color, and draw on them however much their heart’s content. Simply import or snap a pic and select the paintbrush icon to be taken to the mark-up screen. There people can choose their pen style and explain the picture without influencing the original file. What’s more, on the off chance that they simply want to doodle on a note, people can do that as well, by picking the paintbrush icon in the main menu.

4. Sync with Google Docs on PC

On the off chance that people have ever emailed themselves the text of a note to make sure people can utilize it in a document or a presentation, this will spare them some time: Google Keep Notes is completely integrated into Google’s office suite. What’s more, it couldn’t be simpler to get them in sync. When people have a file open in Docs or Slides, simply tap the Keep logo in the sidebar at the right to see a list of their spared notes. Tap one to open it, and people can copy, cut, or edit whatever’s inside. Obviously, any changes they cause will to be synced back to Keep Notes on their phone. What’s more, on the off chance that people essentially want to make a Google document out of a note, simply long-press on a note and select Copy to Google Docs.

5. Team up with a companion or associate

The vast majority of individuals’ Google Keep notes will most likely be for their eyes just, but on the other hand it’s anything but difficult to invite another person to team up. First people will have to turn on sharing inside the Settings in the sidebar. Simply tap the three-dot menu at the bottom of the screen when people are in a note and select Collaborator. From that point they will have the option to choose anybody from their address book to link their note with their Google Keep application. At whatever point it’s edited, people will be notified (and vice versa).

6. Get the Chrome extension

While any browser will give people a chance to sign into Google Keep Notes to complete work, just the Chrome extension will give them a chance to utilize it like a digital locker. Download it from the Chrome Web Store, and it will put a small Keep icon alongside their address bar that gives a direct link to their account. While people are browsing or working in Chrome they will have the option to save URLs, photographs, and text, and obviously take notes.

7. Organize notes with labels, colors, and pins

On the off chance that people take a great deal of notes, their Google Keep home screen can rapidly get as cluttered as their inbox. In any case, much the same as Gmail, people can easily organize it. On the off chance that people long-press on a note, they will bring up a series of options to enable them to help that its later, including the ability to color-code it, pin it to the top of the list, or apply a custom label.

8. Set a time or location reminder for a note

Google has a devoted reminders application called Tasks, however in the event that people don’t want another application on their phone, they can set alarms for their notes so they act like reminders. Simply tap the bell icon when people are in a note and they will have the option to set a reminder for a particular date and time, or a location, as on the off chance that people want to make sure to get milk at the supermarket.

9. Recoup a deleted note

Alright, this isn’t actually a hidden feature, yet people probably won’t have seen it previously. On the off chance that they incidentally delete a note—or simply realize them required something in it—they can in any case recoup it from the trash within seven days of deletion. Or on the other hand, in case people are uncertain whether they will require a note later yet want to get it off the home screen, they can simply utilize the Archive include rather than delete. That will expel the notes from their library and store it in the Archive folder, which is available in the sidebar.

10. Make a note out of an email

On the off chance that people need to make a note out of an email, they can either copy the text and paste it into a new note, or utilize the handy shortcut in Gmail on the web. Here’s the means by which to do it: After people open an email, click the Keep Notes icon in the sidebar to the right. At that point click the Take a Note button, and their email will show up as an attachment inside their new note. Give it a name, select Done when they are finished, and they will have the option to jump right to their email with a tap.

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