Google Updates the Chrome Mobile App’s Search Functionality

Google revealed on Wednesday that it is adding five new features to the Chrome browser for mobile devices, all of which are intended to improve the search experience. Google is seeing more competition from startups like Arc. These include trending search ideas, live sports cards for fans, updated address bars for simpler navigation, new shortcuts for local search results, and more customized search recommendations based on users’ browsing preferences. The features will be available soon for iOS and Android smartphones.

One of the new features is Chrome Actions, which makes it easier for users to complete various actions without having to navigate to the settings. Users will now be able to search for a local business and instantly access shortcut buttons like “Call,” “Directions,” and “Reviews” when the feature makes its way to local search results.

Google is planning to release an iOS version of this later this fall, but it is currently available in Chrome for Android smartphones.

Trending searches, which were formerly exclusive to Android smartphones, is another helpful tool. At last, Google is adding trending search recommendations to the iOS Chrome address bar, enabling users to view the most popular queries throughout Google Search.

In order to notify users when their preferred sports team is playing and to automatically update users with the most recent scores and highlights from previous games, Google also included live sports cards to Chrome’s Discover Feed on mobile devices. By choosing the three-dot menu in the Chrome mobile app, users can alter the feature.

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