World’s First Smart Glasses with GPT-4o, AirGo Vision, is Unveiled by Solos

The newest smart glasses from Solos have independent eyes. The first smart glasses with GPT-4o and generative artificial intelligence (AI) that can interpret visual input have been introduced by the business as AirGo Vision.

So why is ChatGPT necessary for glasses? Solos claims that the AirGo Vision will offer real-time information based on visual input, such as identifying people, things, or landmarks; providing walking instructions; determining the price of something; and more, in place of requiring users to use a service like Google Lens on their phones to search for anything.

Users can take pictures with their hands free to request information. Examples can be inquiring where to buy a certain item or looking up the next step in a recipe.

The glasses will respond to several inquiries simultaneously. In Solos’ press release, a sample search query is as follows: “What am I looking at, and how much does it cost? Is there another place where the pricing is lower?”

Because the AirGo Vision’s frames are interchangeable, you may choose whether you want smart glasses with or without a front-facing camera.

You will be alerted to an alert by a subtle flash from an integrated LED notification light. According to Solos, visual alerts could be helpful for users who could have hearing loss, in calm settings where someone has turned off notifications, and in busy environments where notifications could be overlooked.

There are more smart glasses made by Solos that use AI besides the AirGo Vision. At CES 2024, the business debuted the Solos AirGo3 smart glasses with ChatGPT. AirGo Vision glasses allow you to search for information using visual input, while the Solos AirGo3 uses voice to enable communication using ChatGPT.

The AirGo Vision will go on sale later this year. Three different kinds of LED-only frames with an MSRP of $249.99 each are scheduled for release in July.

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