Kudroli World – A Company Looking Beyond the Profits

There are umpteen companies around the world who claim that they have the best places for you to work, but the employees do find out that the so-called pleasant workplace indifferent from any other regular companies.

Kudroli World, on the other hand, is one company that has a clear vision, honest leadership, culture of teamwork, open communication, honest feedback and a fun atmosphere. Hafeez Kudroli is the CEO and Managing Director of Kudroli World. He is an entrepreneur, an investor and also an author.

At age 24, he has a young vision that helped the company to expand its portfolios in various industries like Infrastructure, Real Estate, Broadcast Media, Fashion, Hospitality, IT, Entertainment, Events, Investment and more. The 24-year-old entrepreneur, in last two years, has succeeded a rarely achievable growth by completing projects worth billions, including the high-status facelift of Bangalore’s famous Church Street.

Sky’s the limit for Kudroli World as they look beyond the profits. A company like Kudroli understands the importance of good work and creating a right name through the work they’re doing. We conclude in Hafeez’s words from his book: “Impact Entrepreneurship is about innovation and impact which makes the focus on income redundant.”

Kudroli World Official Website: www.kudroliworld.com

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