Lightroom is getting a new feature to edit video

Lightroom, Adobe’s photo editing application, is getting a surprising new feature: the ability to edit video.

With an update carrying out this week, Lightroom clients will actually want to work with the application’s current controls to color grade their videos. Lightroom would say at any rate, significantly more natural for adjusting how a picture looks than traditional color grading tools in video apps; combined with users’ familiarity with the controls, the new feature ought to be a strong option for any individual who wants to switch around how a video looks.

That all said, Lightroom isn’t changing into a video app (and, truth be told, it could as of now import videos, simply not edit them). The new devices permit you to color grade footage and trim down the start and end of clips. However, you can’t arrange clips into a timeline, so to color grade a film scene in here, you’d need to move from one shot to another, copying adjustments en route. Instead, this is by all accounts implied something else for photographers who happen to capture a few short clips as they’re out on a shoot.

The video editing feature will come to Lightroom on both desktop and mobile. It won’t come to Lightroom Classic, which as of now supports video editing to a considerably more limited degree. (You could trim videos and apply basic tone controls from the Library screen, yet the full develop panel wasn’t accessible like it will be in the more current Lightroom.)

Both Lightroom and Lightroom Classic are getting a modest bunch of different updates, including an intensity slider to dial impacts up or down and new “adaptive presets” filters, which use AI to apply impacts to specific parts of a picture, similar to the subject or sky.

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