Lip gel injection with Russian method by Dr. Mohammad Pakdel:

Today, a special method is used to increase the volume and structure of the lips and it will create a completely natural appearance, and there is no more news about the swollen and unusual appearance of the lips.

This method, known as Russian lip gel, is based on the idea that quality is always better than quantity.

In this method, lip gel is injected into the 7th region and the purpose of treatment with this type of gel is to increase the volume of the lip and improve its appearance.

In this procedure, the doctor focuses on improving the shape of the lip instead of abnormally enlarging it. If you want to get more information about this and get acquainted with the tips related to pre- and post-treatment care and other things.

Russian lip gel helps to increase the volume and appearance of the lips and, like other types of gels, will not create the appearance of a duck lip.

 This gel is a very practical gel because it creates a natural and beautiful appearance and creates the desired results according to the patient’s wishes, and there is no need to inject a large amount of gel.

The best applicants for Russian lip gel injections are people who have not injected the gel before, but if the gel is used on your lips, you should drain the previous gel before the injection.

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