Mahindra To Introduce Three New All-Electric Vehicles: Specifics

Mahindra, the top SUV manufacturer in India, is developing electric cars under its new “BE” (Born Electric) sub-brand, marking a significant advancement in environmentally friendly mobility. Under the BE brand, Mahindra will launch three brand-new pure electric utility vehicles: the BE.05, BE.07, and Rall-E. Let’s get into more into regarding each of these three new EVs.

Mahindra BE.05

Following the launches of XUV.e9 and XUV.e8, the BE.05 will go live. Concerning the specifics, the EV will have a coupe-SUV body type. Although the size of the battery pack that will be installed in the SUV is unknown, a 60–80 kWh battery is what they may anticipate.

A driving range of about 450 kilometres is anticipated with the larger battery pack, which has 80 kWh capacity. The new INGLO EV skateboard platform from Mahindra will serve as the foundation for BE.05. It is anticipated that the SUV would go on sale in October 2025.

Mahindra BE Rall.e

Mahindra is going to debut the BE Rall.e. as its second EV. The BE.05. will serve as the basis for this specific model. The BE.05 EV will be upgraded to the more durable BE.Rallye. In terms of modifications, the BE Rall.e will come equipped with wider all-terrain tyres, a roof rack, larger skid plates, side claddings, and numerous other elements specifically designed for rally and off-road use.

This electric vehicle caters to individuals seeking a portable and tough-looking sport utility vehicle. The Rall.e will use the same battery pack as the BE.05 and be built on Mahindra’s INGLO EV skateboard platform. Early in 2026 will see the release of the Rall.e.

Mahindra BE.07

Mahindra has confirmed that the BE.07 will be the third SUV to launch. Although there aren’t many specifics yet, this SUV will be the largest vehicle in the BE family. Out of the three SUVs, the SUV with the greatest battery pack will have a striking and streamlined look.

A skateboard platform: what is it?

A skateboard platform is essentially an electric vehicle (EV) platform with integrated batteries that make the car level on the floor. automobile manufacturers may easily construct alternative automobile bodywork, such as sedans or trucks, on top of the same base thanks to this architecture.

In addition to being quicker and less expensive to produce, the skateboard platform offers improved handling and more cabin capacity. Almost all automobile manufacturers currently use this platform. Mahindra’s electric car line, BE, will also make use of the skateboard platform.

The national sales chief of Mahindra, Baneswar Banerjee, confirmed the introduction of three new electric utility cars. “Even as we aggressively pursue pure EV models, they will continue to focus solely on the utility vehicles segment in the passenger car segment,” stated Mr. Banerjee.

The XUV 400 is the sole electric vehicle that Mahindra currently offers in their inventory. Mahindra is intended to be guided towards EVs based on skateboard platforms by the BE.05, BE Rall.e, and BE.07. Mahindra is positioned to be a strong competitor in the expanding Indian EV industry thanks to these impending launches.

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