The BYD Yuan UP Launch is Scheduled on March 19 and Admission Costs $11,000

With the release of the Yuan UP, BYD is set to introduce the newest model in the Dynasty series. It will make its debut on March 19 and is anticipated to retail for 79,800 yuan, or approximately 11,000 USD. priced in line with the BYD Destroyer 05 Honour Edition (available in other markets as Chaser 05, Chazor, or King DM-i).

Yuan UP carries on the Song L design language; according to BYD, it has a “dragon face” and a black trim that encircles the vehicle. It is notable for having a “floating roof” and semi-concealed door knobs. The Yuan UP is made more for driving in cities than in rough environments. It is a crossover vehicle, similar in style to the Kia Soul but with a more curved exterior.

Based on the e-Platform 3.0, which is also utilised on the Atto 3, is the Yuan UP. Its measurements are 4310/1830/1675 mm with a 2620 mm wheelbase. Two optional e-motors with power ratings of 70 kW and 130 kW are included with it. With battery options ranging from 32 kWh to 45.1 kWh, it can go 301 or 401 kilometres on a single charge, depending on the option selected.

Power adjustments are available for the leatherette-wrapped seats. Physical buttons for key operations, a crystal gear selector, and a wireless charging pad are all located in the centre console. A large panoramic roof and a variety of colour schemes, including pink, charcoal, and light grey, or black and beige, brighten the interior. For added comfort, there is a flat floor in the backseat.

For a smooth and well-balanced ride, the BYD Yuan UP also features a torsion beam in the back and a MacPherson suspension in the front axle. As it prepares for release, the Yuan UP has begun to arrive at BYD dealerships. This car should be a success for BYD considering its low price of 79,800 yuan.

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