Manu Dhaumya – United Against Bullies: The Positive Impact of Online Influencers

While the term ‘online influencer’ is met with mixed reactions and often carries a negative connotation, local influencer Many Dhaumya is gunning to use his platform for the greater good. Hailing from Reading, Berkshire, Manu aims to spread a message of compassion and acceptance within his fan following on various social media platforms.

His organization ‘United Against Bullies’ works proactively to create anti-bullying awareness. Furthermore, the organization also facilitates highly immersive events and activities where young children are taught compassionate values, making them familiar with the idea of a shared space where everyone is equally valued.  

Manu believes that the only effective way to eradicate bullying is to start teaching young children better values because they are the catalysts for change in the future. He is giving an open invitation for anyone to volunteer with his organization or make a donation to help the organization carry on its events.

Recently Manu organised The Reading Art Festival. It was an online only initiative to get kids involved in making anti-bullying posters whilst they are stuck at home because of COVID-19.

Manu just didn’t stop there. He also provided food packages for the staff at Reading’s Royal Berkshire hospital for all the hardwork they have done during this corona epidemic. It was a gesture to
say thank you and appreciate the NHS staff and key-workers.
A beautiful gesture from Reading’s own hero.

The official ‘United Against Bullies’ website can be seen at

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