J.T. Hiskey releases new album Making Hisktory

J.T. Hiskey just dropped his newest project Making Hisktory, and it might be some of his best work yet. The project includes new freestyles, remixes, and also features new hit singles such as Welcome to the Party and Got Me Sleepin part 2. Making Hisktory has received generally positive feedback from both fans and critics so far, and the project has been released on all major streaming platforms. Here is a little review of our favorite tracks off the new album:

My Name Is (Freestyle)

Alright, so this would actually have to be our favorite track off the entire project. The track didn’t make it onto the streaming services version due to copyright but you can still find it on J.T. Hiskey’s Youtube and Soundcloud. J.T. Hiskey freestyles over the iconic hip-hop beat that was originally produced by Dr. Dre and rapped by Eminem in the early 2000’s, My Name Is. J.T. Hiskey has such clever rhymes and flows on this one, which makes this track easily stand out on the entire track list. Hi my name is….. Young Hiskey!

Got Me Sleepin part 2

Not gonna lie, we never thought this one would happen. J.T. Hiskey gives us a sequal to his 2017 hit song Got Me Sleepin, and this time it is featured by GT Ritz. The song has such a dreamy feel to it, and that is one of the reasons why listeners loved the first one that came out over two years ago. J.T. Hiskey comes in with a very fast verse but at the same time still manages to keep those dreamy rhyme schemes to be a part of it. This track is an instant classic off of Making Hisktory and we hope we can get a part 3 some day.

Making Hisktory

Did anyone say fire? Because that is what this whole entire track is. The title track Making Hisktory has J.T. Hiskey non stop spitting rhymes over the entire beat. We can’t tell if this one is a freestyle, but J.T. Hiskey has also posted parts of this song on both his Instagram and his Tik Tok and fans really seemed to enjoy this one. The song speaks for itself, and you can clearly tell J.T. Hiskey had a really good time on this one. We also love how the instrumental feels like something from back in the 90’s. Easily one of our top songs off of Making Hisktory.

Now that we named a few of our favorite songs off J.T. Hiskey’s new album, we hope you can go give the whole thing a listen for yourself. Let us know what you think, and we can’t wait to see what J.T. Hiskey puts out next.

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