Meet the dynamic millennial entrepreneur Akitashintaro from Japan taking giant strides in the business world

Founder, CEO, entrepreneur, and investor, Akitashintaroexudes sheer passion and brilliance across IT, Fashion, and Food & beverages domains

Business world is growing tremendously with great innovative technology and minds. Especially youth have grabbed huge attention with their incredible work in respective sectors. Each business sector is expanding largely which also leads to high competition. But some individuals have set a benchmark with their unique work skills. Meet one such young individual who owns a successful company at a very tender age – Akitashintaro. This young CEO is an expert in manufacturing and selling of solar panels. His company is one of the top IT companies in Japan. He is one of the most seek and sought-after entrepreneurs of Japan.

To be a successful businessman at a young age is not a walk in the park. Akitashintaro grind himself hard to reach the level of success where he is today. Finished his graduation from one of the Japan’s leading advanced school, which helped him to develop skills and art of work implementation. Within a short span he owned his own company at a very young age of 22. At an age where any young individual ponder upon what they want to do in their lives and career, Akitashintarobecame a CEO, now that is the determination to turn the dreams into reality. His company has more than 600 employees in just five years and keeps on expanding each year. His main business is manufacturing and selling of solar panels. They have set up their own panel manufacturing plant in China for efficient work process.

Apart from his business, he has also invested in numerous Japan’s leading fashion shows and in world martial arts competitions. He has been invited to fashion shows of world-famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Valentino and Chanel. This enhances his humbleness in helping other sectors to grow by doing various investments. He also investment in various restaurants in Singapore and Dubai in 2012. Due to his multiple work ventures, he keeps on travelling to France, Dubai, England and Italy often, but plans to open restaurants in all of those countries within two years. He has become one of the renowned business personalitiesand is the only one to receive invitations every year from several events, with only about three such Paris Collet collections from around the world. He is well known figure among celebrities and political world.

With global aspirations in mind, Akitashintaro is marching ahead wide spreading his operation to as many sectors as possible across the globe.

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