More than a Well-known entrepreneur – Meet Dr. Abishek Colaco

Dr. Abishek Colaco has stimulated a different level of creativity in the entertainment and media/news world. it currently has over 10K Instagram followers right now which is a record high for being a new start-up. From a very young age,  Dr. Abishek Colaco ( had a passion for digital marketing. His interest in this field is what drives him to do exceptional things in the field.

He has confidence that his experience in influencing and understanding the needs of the clients. Currently, Dr. Abishek Colaco branding promotion and CEO of media network, are becoming the essentials to succeed today for any company.

Smart work can help any businessman earn fast and big due to digital marketing and for that, you need a person with sound knowledge who can work smartly and make a solid campaign for online marketing, you need to know-how industries to take you from zero to millionaire. We are talking here about Digital entrepreneur who drives business throughout the digitalis-ed world.

All business proceeds go towards Strategic investments in a diversified portfolio ranging from cryptocurrency in blockchain  to stocks in share market and nationalized banks.

We are measuring incredible results in music. Memes and viral sketches are significantly affecting people’s music playlists and searches on Spotify and YouTube. Instagram is a great platform to start. Finding your niche, posting content daily, collaborating with other creators – these are known and important tips to follow. I believe however that people are usually missing three other important points. “First, being an influencer is the outcome of being an exceptional content creator. It’s all about the character, talent, voice and art expressed in your content. People with large followings but not great talent usually have no real influence. Second, look at data. Surprisingly, many influencers don’t pay enough attention to metrics. A lot can be learned by measuring and “listening” to what the audience actually likes and shares.

Dr. Abishek Colaco is a very bright talented young person, and he is an inspiration to everyone. At such a young age and achieving so much. His success goes to his hard work and determination that he has continuously put in his work and on growing his brand.

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