Morteza Seddigh : Principles of villa designs beside some essential architectural points and interior decoration

Professor Morteza Seddigh is one of the best-known architects who received his doctorate in architecture in 2010 from the Iran University of Science and Technology.

In addition, he has experience teaching at the Universities of Science and Technology, Shahid Rajaei, Islamic Art of Tabriz, Qom State University, Higher Education Center of the Islamic Revolution, Jondishapur University, Azad University of Dezful, Jihad University of Qom, Chabahar International University, Deilaman Non-Profit Higher Education Institute, Payame Noor University of Tehran, Islamic Azad University of North Tehran, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Kharazmi University, Islamic Azad University of South Tehran, Islamic Azad University of Arak and University of Science and Culture.

He also has sports honors in his professional records, including being a member of the Iranian national karate team and a second-class karate referee.

His interviews and TV programs are:

  1. 2007 Interview with “Negah No” Magazine 
  2. 2009 Interview with Electronic Magazine 
  3. 2009 Interview with Yazd University Magazine 
  4. 2006 Performing a sketch program on channel 4 
  5. 2014 Interview with Hamshahri Architecture Magazine (Tehran Municipality) 
  6. 2010 Interview with IBNA News Agency for the first book of architecture education in English 
  7. 2016 Interview with 808 
  8. 2018 Interview with “the speech of an architect.” 
  9. 2018 Preparation of Rando comprehensive training video with the center of Ama

The villa design is essential to have a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. If the villas are built based on the design principles of the villa building, they can provide more comfort and convenient conditions for living. Building and villa design is a special process that professionals and experts should do. People who work as building designers and villa designers in terms of interior and exterior architecture should be passionate about this work and care a lot about the details; have studied the principles of villa design and construction well and know exactly how much it costs to design a building and the way they follow all the stages.

To design modern, classic, and even luxury villas, you need a good designer who is vital in team building. The result of a unique design for a stylish and luxury mansion in the North is how to reach the building, which is more worthy than expected. There are different types of villa designs that you can choose for your expected villas. The modern design style is the most frequently used and popular design for villas.

Principles of modern villa design in the North

The modern villa design in the North has a distinct and straightforward style. To achieve a great design, you need to ensure that the color, texture, and design elements are carefully selected and tidied. Modern villas in the North usually follow a wide range of architectural and interior design styles. Neoclassical, Neo-Victorian, Neo-Mediterranean, contemporary, and modern design styles are all part of the design principles of modern villas in the North.

If you want to make the most beautiful design for your villa and attract more customers to your buildings, things are essential to keep in mind. 

How to design a villa 

It is necessary to calculate the design costs of the building and to consider all the elements of interior and exterior design. Before entering the discussion of getting acquainted with the design principles of villas in the North, you should determine which design style you pick. Architecture in the style of minimalism or architecture in the style of ancient and classical are different. The application of a villa in an area goes back to the design of the building.

Some villas follow the classic style but have a glass facade and metal and steel facades, and some other villas have a modern structure, but long-lasting concrete materials with a creative structure have been used to build them. The modern villa design is more straightforward, tangible, and generally very different from the style of a classic villa. When you look at a modern building, it is soothing and somehow connects you to everyday life. But when you look at a classic design for a villa, it takes you to the old world, a place in ancient architecture. Professional designers master these villa design styles and implement appropriate views.

Proper choice of colors in the principles of villa design

Colors are an integral part of the villa design. The right combination of colors is crucial for the interior design of a modern house or exterior. Some interior designers combine neutral colors with bold and dark colors. In modern style design, interior decorations usually use pastel colors. This in no way forces the villa owner to follow the same color. As a homeowner, you can still choose any color you want.

To design the villa’s interior, try to use colors that complete each other or balance the environment. The best solution is to choose colors from the color palette. Some of the most beautiful colors for interior decoration and modern villa design include a combination of white and silver, orange, light cream and brown, white and dark gray, light yellow, a variety of white and gray, a combination of white and carbon blue and many more mixtures. Use colors that are mild and make you feel good.

Lightening is an essential factor in villa design.

There is no doubt that all modern and luxury villas have somehow used the most beautiful opinions for lighting, which is just what is addressed in the principles of villa design. An experienced and professional designer comprehends well what lighting style should be used in which parts of the villa. Villas with the best and most beautiful lighting have a light and clear appearance.

Hidden lights on the exterior wall of the villa, wall lights installed in different parts of the yard and exterior, small, and large floodlights, or dim lights installed on the balcony and terrace are all part of the design principles of modern villas. Principles of lighting will also be essential for classic villas in the North.

Villa design in the North with patterns and textures

Designing a villa in the North with patterning and attention to surfaces may be an intangible phrase for you! If you want to use a specific texture and pattern in the design of the building, you must be very careful about geometric volumes and polygons or the use of diagonal, broken, or curved lines. Patterns and textures in the villa make the interior and exterior architecture more beautiful and unique. Patterns and textures can also be seen in interior decoration. All you must do is choose flooring, wall hangings, decorative accessories, and other objects in a unique way. Also, in the interior decoration, paying attention to the texture of stone, glass, wood, and metal or a combination of them makes the villa’s design more diverse.

The position of the windows in the design of the villa

Do not be surprised! Windows are also part of the design principles of the villa. Various window designs always complement the exterior of a building. In the technique for modern and luxury villas in the North, glass windows with narrow aluminum frames should be used. The most common villa building design ideas for a forest villa in the North are wood windows and have other creative designs. The exterior will be more attractive if you add modern and new windows to the estate.

When designing a villa, consider the position of the windows, how much natural light enters the building, and what the dimensions and size of the windows are. Some of the luxury villas in the North have expansive windows from floor to ceiling. These villas are beautiful and bright.

Storage or storage space in the villa

Another principle of villa design is to deal with sufficient storage space in the building. Most modern designs use creative warehouses or structures with a unique design for storing or storing objects and accessories. These ideas will help you have a more stylish villa and take good care of your equipment. Storage space can be a wardrobe or floors and cabinets for storing kitchen appliances; Files, books, etc.

Villa design based on the interior

Northern villas are usually the most beautiful buildings, so one of the design principles of the villa is to provide more living space for the residents. Modern villas have a more open space. The roofs of these villas are higher, and you do not see crowds when you put furniture and furniture inside. There will be enough space to arrange additional furniture or decorative accessories if the design is done correctly.

You can have the best furniture in the Northern villas. Wooden, fabric, plastic, or metal furniture can be used in modern or luxury classic villas. Choosing the right type of furniture and color is done according to your taste. You do not need to use expensive accessories for the villa’s interior design; you must explore new ideas and buy what you need.

Another way to help make your villa design more beautiful is to pay attention to decorative accessories. Pots, shelves, armchairs on the balcony, a chair near the entrance to the villa, wall hangings, and even landscaping make the building more beautiful for a better life.

The design of villas and dining hall

One of the most important parts of designing a modern classic or luxury villa in the North is the dining hall design. A particular place should be prepared for the dining area in a mansion. Does the estate designer decide whether this part will be a shared space or a luxury dinner room ?! There is also ample space for a dining table, chairs, and dining utensils. The interior decoration of this place should be accompanied by colors that create more comfort when eating.

Bedroom design in the villa

Another point that is important in the design principles of the villa is the design of the bedroom. A bedroom is a place where people should relax. Considering enough space for arranging furniture and beds, designing a suitable space for installing lighting systems, lampshades, or hidden lamps, and even a proper place for a private bathroom inside the bedroom is one of the essential modern design points.

Some luxury villas have a swimming pool, hot tub, and hot tub in the bedroom, making this part more attractive. The bedroom should have a balcony or terrace. In some design styles, space is provided for sports equipment or storage of equipment. The more room there is in a villa, the more diverse and flexible the villa design.

Kitchen design in the villa

Another critical part of designing a villa is the design of the kitchen. The kitchen can have different plans. Open kitchens are trendy for villas, but some models of kitchens are made in a modern design, and the genuine part of the kitchen is a counter made of high-quality materials and decorated with available chairs.

Paying attention to the lighting in the kitchen makes this part more beautiful. The most beautiful villas in the North have used a modern design style. Choosing the right cabinet for the estate is another idea addressed in the villa’s interior design. In creating the villa, the exact location of the cabinets and sink is quite precise.

Villa design in the bathroom and toilet

Baths and toilets are essential in villas. Many luxury villas have separate bathrooms on each floor or area. For example, a duplex villa and a triplex villa with a bathroom and toilet are implemented on each floor. Due to the space in the estate, the area of ​​the bathroom and toilet can be expanded.

It is better to use modern designs to use ceramic tiles, glass facades, and light-colored cabinets for toilets and bathrooms. In general, white, gray, beige, cream, or dark colors such as green and brown are more popular for this part of the villa. If you look at the facades of luxury villas, you will be amazed at how the bathroom and toilet are designed!

Concluding remarks

The principles of villa design in the North in a modern, classic, or luxury style have a complex world. The more beautifully designed a villa is, the better it will attract customers when it is sold. The facilities of an estate are precisely what is specified in the initial plan. The cost of designing a villa in the North is calculated according to the materials used and the type of space available, labor wages, and changes in material prices. Building contractors and building design companies are ready to work with investors for villa construction projects in the North.

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