No-Frills Platforming: Vero’s Social Media Success

The advent of social media has completely changed the way we communicate. In seconds, users can publish their thoughts for billions across the globe to see. Although this revolutionized form of communication has positively impacted methods of connecting across the globe, the inner workings of these platforms remain shrouded in mystery. Algorithms tracking searches, locations, and preferred topics help present curated ads to users, turning these once-innovative methods of communication into digital storefronts for thousands of businesses worldwide.

Advertisements on social media have started to dominate platforms, taking up more space in feeds and post strings than users’ posts themselves. Members of these platforms, looking for a more authentic experience, have taken note of this shift and are actively seeking out alternative social media platforms. This deviation from traditional social media outlets has led users to seek less tracking-centered platforms, returning to a more authentic social media experience. Seeing this demand, Ayman Hariri decided to create a new social media platform centered on transparency, and in 2015, he debuted VERO.


Meaning “Truth” in Italian, the name VERO helps promise users an honest, meaningful social media experience. The platform allows users to share social media posts without the presence of targeted advertisements found on other sites, opening more opportunities to increase user engagement through authentic posts. The performance aspect of more traditional social media sites can be stressful for some members, and VERO helps provide a space for collaborators to create genuine posts as opposed to what is expected of them. Read about what is VERO.

VERO’s Core Values

With a company name meaning truth, VERO’s core values reflect this commitment to transparency, highlighting founder Ayman Hariri’s strive to create a meaningful social media experience. The core values that make VERO, and by extension VERO Music, unique from its counterparts include: 

  • Inclusivity: VERO strives to create a platform focused on embracing diversity, hosting users from all backgrounds and walks of life. They outwardly fight against racism, helping inspire and encourage diversity on their platform as well as in their staff and collaboration partners.
  • Innovation: VERO’s no-nonsense approach to social media takes on a new, innovative stance on how information is presented and tracked on social media. The absence of ads is unlike any other major competitor, and VERO’s commitment to creating a better user experience reflects these choices.
  • Authenticity: Between their unique approach to platform design and willingness to adapt to change, VERO does not strive to mimic any other social media platform. The guiding virtue of VERO is truth, and providing an honest and open user experience is crucial for sticking true to this tenant.
  • Collaboration: Listening to different perspectives is essential for growth, and VERO developers understand collaboration’s usefulness. Working with different outside groups and communities helps inspire new ideas for further innovation.
  • Purposefulness: Social media should be about expressing individuality but should also provide an outlet for different communities to come together and speak on the issues that affect them the most. VERO creates that essential space for different groups to foster these ideas and establish effective, long-term avenues for discussion.
  • Empowerment: Empowerment and inclusivity go hand-in-hand, and by exemplifying all groups of people, supporting user communities is crucial for showing them the support they deserve. VERO takes steps to highlight these members and their communities, giving them a platform that uplifts their work and supports their creativity.
  • Community-Focus: VERO understands the impact that platform-based actions have on real-life communities, and working alongside these groups is essential for growth. Only aiming to have a positive impact on any community, projects associated with VERO must be beneficial to these users and communities.

VERO’s commitment to its users goes beyond creating a user platform- they have developed a completely innovative, intuitive user experience unmatched by other social media sites. These principles manifest in every aspect of VERO’s design, exemplifying the transparent vision of the future developed by creator Ayman Hariri.

How VERO Works

With no persistent advertisements, data mining, and structured content delivery, VERO helps present user posts to you as organically as they are made. Using a chronological presentation of user posts, VERO avoids confusing algorithms that prioritize content deemed within your taste range. Instead of scrolling through ads, promoted posts, and curated posts for your interests, you can interact and share posts with users as they are made by users you choose to follow. The posts, users you follow, and communities you join are all tailored by you, emphasizing Ayman Hariri’s individualistic take on social media.

Getting Started With VERO

Beginning any new social media platform can be intimidating, but with VERO, performing to the standards set by today’s social media culture is a thing of the past. Self-expression and uniqueness are at the forefront of VERO’s user experience, and users get to decide what content they would like to receive. VERO provides a social media experience, unlike any other platform, centering truth and transparency at the forefront of their brand. For those looking to take a step towards a better social media experience, sign up for VERO today.

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