Omar Al Ashi Decodes His Success in the Digital Technology Market

Many people across the world seem too dominated by attaining the overnight successes; because they believe in taking the short-cuts, thinking that this would attain long-term goals and perceptions. However, often they forget that all those stories that have gone ahead in creating the milestones in their respective fields are the ones that have been created from the ground up, and it goes ahead in inculcating more hope, positivity and inspiration in others. Omar Al Ashi is a Palestinian entrepreneur who had his share of struggles while trying to make a name for his company ‘Urent’. Now, he is a successful entrepreneur with a budding social media presence.

Omar, a 31-year old Palestinian entrepreneur grasped the entrepreneurial strategies quickly. He has shown his prominence in the entrepreneurial space across UAE. Today he owns and operate his startup ‘Urent’, in UAE.

Urent redefines mobility in the tech space, while enabling a platform that will help traditional vehicle rental companies shift their entire business online. Moreover, the hosts on Urent will be able to list their fleet (Cars, Yachts, Jetskis, Atv’s, Motorcycles, just to name a few) while having multiple in-app features (i.e My Garage, in-app wallets, and rating systems) & have their fleet listed to Renters who wish to rent their fleet on the platform.

Apart from being a businessman, Omar is also a rising Instagram influencer, inspiring audiences with his unique and engaging content and has become a known personality across social media platforms. His lifestyle has inspired many people too.  

Omar’s foundation on such moral values has given him access to a large and trusted network, which in turn he can utilize to satisfy his affluent clientele. He delivers at a top tier pace, and with prodigious quality. He always stays on top of new government restrictions due to the pandemic, and he never lets the restrictions impede his amazing car rental service.

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