Production-ready 2024 Ram 1500 REV has been unveiled

The Ram 1500 REV electric pickup’s production version is now available, and it looks quite different from Ram’s dramatic EV concept truck, which was first shown last month. The electric Ram’s styling is similar to that of the gas truck, with futuristic headlights and taillights and distinctive wheels, just like the Ford F-150 Lightning.

The 1500 REV’s shape is almost identical to that of any other Ram pickup, with the exception of its more contemporary front and rear ends. Although Ram has not yet stated whether it will offer any other configurations, this model has a body style similar to a crew cab and a short bed. The REV rides on a brand-new architecture known as STLA Frame, which was designed specifically for body-on-frame EV models. This means that underneath the similar body is a different platform. Additionally, Ram has confirmed the availability of a gasoline-powered range extender model. We don’t think this production truck will have many of the more bizarre features of the concept truck, like jump seats in the third row, but it does have a frunk.

The REV will be displayed by Ram in a Super Bowl commercial tonight, and customers can reserve a spot in line at You become a member of the REV Insider+ membership program by making a deposit of $100, which is refundable. Additionally, Ram stated that it would provide initial information regarding the truck as part of this rollout; consequently, we can anticipate receiving estimates regarding the truck’s power output, battery size, and range.

Since Ram 1500 REV production won’t begin until next year, we’ll have plenty of time to learn more about the electric truck’s specifications and features before it reaches customers in 2024.

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