Reem Abou Samra wears Claudia Marcellian at Star Academy

With the launch of the new season of the Star Academy program, the young Lebanese fashion designer Reem Abou Samra began to supervise the appearance of the director of the academy, the Lebanese actress and writer Claudia Marcellian. Her ornament, or the last set she launched a few months ago.

Reem Abou Samra is happy with the positive echoes of Claudia’s weekly appearances, and expressed pride in a new experience, having dealt with a large number of stars, including the star Nadine Al-Rassi and the media Maha Salma and others.

On the other hand, recently opened Reem Abou Samra, its own Atelier, and the exhibition of its designs, in the Zalka area, Street Market. Reem Abou Samra is also preparing to launch her new collection for the winter of 2014, which will see the light of day at a grand concert on November 15 at Saint George in Beirut.

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