Salman Yousuf Divulges Latest Marketing Trends In ABTACH

It is undeniable that the IT industry is evolving incredibly and becomes the most essential element that needs to adapt gradually. In this competitive era, ABTACH is the firm that develops amazing footprints in the world of Information Technology under the leadership of highly qualified leaders. The film follows the collaborative approach to remove all the IT barriers. The Chief Operating Officer Salman Yousuf of ABTACH also mentioned that the company participated in the “Second annual Canada-Pakistan ICT forum” to eliminate all the cross-border IT restrictions. ABTACH LTD has developed the buzz among all the IT sector.

The company breaks the ground and offers innovative solutions related to digital marketing and IT things. With the strategic approach of Salman Yousuf and the consistent efforts of its employees, the company expands its wings in different regions of the world. The firm opens up its office in Karachi, Pakistan, and gradually expand its office in China, Turkey, UAE, South Korea, USA, and UK.

The COO Salman Yousuf mentioned the company philosophy;

“We believe in respecting our people’s rights and privacy and that leads us to ensure a win-win situation for our company and its people”

With its partaking in the ICT Forum, ABTACH LTD also take part in the “first global cross-border eCommerce conference” which was held in Beijing. This conference was organized by the World Customs Organization & the General Administration of Customs in order to consider the techniques that drive excellence in the IT industry. It is the point that is considered as the turning point in the field of Information Technology. And, ABTACH LTD integrates all the latest trends to facilitate their clients.

It is complemented that the amazing approach of Salman Yousuf takes ABTACH to a high level of excellence. They work hard to achieve their mission that states;

“Our mission revolves around our prime focus; to bring a striking digital difference in the tech world”. And, with their approach, everybody says they truly nailed it”.

Therefore, the firm is willing to integrate the latest digital trends under the supervision of Salman Yousuf. The company hires experienced and proficient employees who have the skills to deliver out-of-the-box services to its customers.

  • The Metaverse

This is the new digital marketing trend that refers to the virtual world of 3D holographic avatars, virtual reality, and augmented reality. The world Metaverse describes the digital world that also focuses on social connections.

  • Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTS)

A non-fungible token is also the kind of digital token that is encrypted with the artist’s signature. It is the form of a digital asset that represents real-world artifacts such as in-game stuff, music, and videos.

  • Artificial Intelligence

ABTACH LTD is also integrating the AI-powered optimization tools behind different digital marketing services such as content creation, search engines, etc. This trend was ramped up after COVID-19. Artificial intelligence helps to enhance users’ readability.

  • Augmented Reality

As you know augmented reality is one of the most important parts of today’s digital marketing, which is why Salman Yousuf looking forward to incorporating Augmented reality. This digital marketing trend gives incredible experience to the clients with amazing 3D registration or real-time interaction.

  • Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is usually the process to use AI and automate ad buying. By removing human errors, this digital trend gives more consistent, cost-effective, and reliable solutions to the clientele. So, the Salman Yousuf ABTACH COO enforces this marketing trend to give a new approach to their clients.

  • Content Creation

The best thing about ABTACH LTD follows the new marketing trends of content creation to harness the experience and enthusiasm of the customers. They also try to follow the UGC campaigns that help their clients to earn 4 times higher traffic. UGC is simply the user-generated content that helps businesses successfully gather more leads.

  • Strategic Video Marketing

Videos are the most compelling element that attracts customers and deliver the most appropriate knowledge. That is why ABTACH LTD focused on modern video marketing trends to opens new gateways for customers. Video is the perfect digital marketing channel that helps to republish your existing customers.


The company leads more than 21000 clients globally. Every customer mentioned their skillful team follows the result-driven approach to solving digital marketing issues businesses face today.

With innovation and industrious approach, ABTACH LTD was firmly withstood and willing to marked their names among the record breakers in the IT world.

They worked on three main principles;

  • The sincerity
  • The dedication
  • The affordability

In a Nutshell

ABTACH LTD uses state-of-the-art tools, software, and techniques to facilitate its clientele in the modern world. As you know, tech advancements are growing at a rapid pace, so these firms are ready to manage each heap and bound to meet global requirements.

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