There’s a famous saying “Let your dreams be your wings”. And Ahmed Ali definitely made this saying his base for fulfilling his goals. He made his dreams his wings and today has definitely taken a flight to reach the highest goals.

Ahmed, at a very young age discovered his passion for fitness and bodybuilding. Before his graduation, he had modelled for some major brands such as Pepsi, Sneakers and Diadora. He dreamt of making his passion his career and earning a good name in it. Well, he did it. Currently based in Dubai, Ahmed is a personal trainer and coach in the field of fitness and bodybuilding.

After completing his graduation from the Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University, Egypt, Ahmed decided to invest all his time and energy into the fitness line by joining local bodybuilding competitions and make it his career.

It was in 2011, when Ahmed flew to Dubai and put himself completely into the fitness line and start a business of his own in the same. After moving there, he took his passion onto the next level. He set up his own Personal Training Business and changed lives of almost 600 clients.

Today, Ahmed has built a name in his respective industry and will be opening a studio of his own soon, where he can start with the conduction of the group classes. Not just this, he has also been credited with several professional positions in the field. He has been authorized with Level 2 & Level 3 in personal training certified by ISSA, NCCPT -Strength Training Specialist, CPR, Strength and Conditioning, Online Coaching Certification, and Nutritional Advisor.

Ahmed has built his name in this industry in quite a short period. We wish him all the luck and support for all the future endeavours.

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