Scouting talent before record labels: How Barion McQueen (Hip Hop Dose) is changing the game

It’s no secret that the music business is a particularly rough sea to navigate. As any aspiring artist will tell you, producing quality music is only the first step of your journey. You have to make connections, get proper representation and have someone willing to showcase your work.

It doesn’t matter how great your music is if there isn’t nobody playing it.

Sadly, this is something a lot of record labels neglect. You need to connect with your artists and help them reach others. This is why it’s so hard for a young musician or band to break through – lack of eyes on their music.

Luckily, there are some people working hard to change that. One such person is an ex-rapper himself, who knows exactly what it’s like to be new in the game and hoping for your big break.

Barion McQueen, founder of Hip Hop Dose, famously retired from the music scene at the young age of 30, on account of there not being enough space (or interest, on record labels’ part) to showcase young talent. After that, he devoted a huge chunk of his time to entrepreneurship and built one of the biggest marketing agencies out there, The Brand Castle.

However, in 2016, he returned to music, intent on helping other young artists out there, who were stuck in the same struggle as him. He founded Hip Hop Dose, a top magazine talking everything hip-hop, which he uses to showcase and help build the careers of young, talented individuals.

In its’ relatively short life span, Hip Hop Dose has risen to be a leading name in the game, and many up and coming artists rather seek out their help, before looking for a record label. This is because Barion is honestly interested in what they have to say. 

He gives a chance, where most record producers would simply laugh in an artist’s face and that has gone a long way toward building the Hip Hop Dose platform.

As in his other entrepreneurial ventures, Barion builds upon his own knowledge and experience in the business world (in this case, in the music industry) to actually create something useful. Not necessarily intent on success, though having found it along the way, Barion McQueen has a talent for spotting what’s missing, in any field. Once he’s identified that, he homes in on it and his creative wheels begin to spin, until he finds a viable way to fix it.

This is what he’s doing with Hip Hop Dose, and this is perhaps the reason behind the platform’s immense success. It may seem simple, but as they try to make their way through the music world, they actually listen.

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