Virender Pahal and Mohan Pahal: India’s leading fitness trainer and nutrition coach

Virender Pahal and Mohan Pahal best fitness coach or say best online fitness trainers of Haryana. 

Due to busy life, people don’t get a chance to visit Gyms, especially in big cities as most of the time go in traffic. So nowadays people look for online help from fitness coaches. 

Haryana, as we all know, comes in fittest place of India, many big names from various fields are from this place. Mainly you see pehalwans, the pure macho man of our time. Their way of doing practice is different from routine fitness trainers. 

From Haryana, we spotted two young talents who are currently Haryana’s most famous Fitness coaches Mohan Pahal and Virender Pahal. Better known as Pahal brothers, their Pahal Nutrition is also very famous in Haryana and India. 

Pahal Nutrition was an exceptional Supplement product which was founded by Pahal brothers for athletes and people who are suffering from fitness issues. 

Virender and Mohan started an online fitness training for their fans and followers. With growing popularity, Virender Pahal and Mohan Pahal started to put live session and videos for their fans.

In no time their fan following on social media platform has crossed 10million mark on Tik Tok and other social media platforms. 

Till now they have trained many big names of various fields like Ajay Hooda Haryanvi Star, MD and KD Haryanvi stars, Nashir Khan T.V Celebrity, Rahul Choudhary Pro kabaddi player, Krishan Kumar Bharat Kesari Wrestler, Guru Mann and Mukesh Gehlot life motivation guru.

Both are world-class expert when it comes to fitness coaching and mind they are the best Indian fitness coach available which give results.

Virender Pahal and Mohan Pahal are getting results due to many reasons. Let us tell you how they do it.

They set a comprehensive training program, nutrition guide, they also plan a meal for as per your body. Pahal Brothers are using their experience beautifully for people who want to come in shape.

With their online training, people get the freedom to train on their own time, and they can also work on the body part where they want to. Virender Pahal and Mohan Pahal online fitness training makes work easy and flexible for people who wish to fitness coaching from experts.

With this innovative concept of Mohan Pahal and Virender Pahal, they save money. We all know people spend so much and still, they don’t get a result. But with Pahal’s brother, it’s not like that they save money people with their online free coaching. They also give private sessions online for fitness for athletes.

Pahal Brothers also answer to people on Nutrition; they give health tips, diet chart and everything. 

So if you are looking for the best Fitness trainers and Nutritionist of India then connect to Mohan and Virender on Instagram -@Mohanofficial, पहलnutritionfitness.

You can connect to them on Instagram

and you even join their youtube channel

and here’s their Pal Nutrition website,

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