Serial Entrepreneur Nicholas Farago is a big time car enthusiast

Every boy has at least one car that is their absolute favourite even if they aren’t into cars. To put it simply, give a man a car and he will care for it like it’s a child. Nicholas Farago is one of those people who has extreme love for cars and has had a variety of them over the years.

In the last 20 years, Nicholas Farago’s journey as a car enthusiast has been tremendous. From owning a Toyota Land Cruiser to owning Bentleys and Ferraris, he has come a long way and it’s his love for cars continues to grow. Nicholas believes that cars are a man’s best friend!

“As they say, boys love their toys, when I was growing up, I couldn’t wait to turn 18 for the simple reason that I wanted to have my first car. There were a lot of elder guys in my locality who had these crazy cars with customisations and modifications and it always caught my fancy. After crossing 18, I started living my dream and owned the vehicles that I always desired”

Today, Nicholas Farago has excelled in the automobile sector and is today one of the best car-resellers as well who is known for his work across the world.

Nicholas is the CEO and founder of Farago Motors, a company based in Dubai. Farago Motors provides you with the best vehicles of your choice at very affordable rates.

After analyzing the growth in ‘Farago Motors’, Nicholas decided to facilitate this model to other traditional automobile companies to completely expand their car-reselling businesses via Farago Motors.

He is truly an inspiration for all those people who want to pursue their careers in the automotive sector. Moreover, his entrepreneurial journey contains a lot of positive things that every budding car enthusiast should must learn to excel in their career.

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