Salem Alhajri

Social Media, Photography Outfits and Travel Apparel – With Salem Alhajri

As you are both a traveler and a photographer. You also take photos of yourself to post on Social Media, How important is apparel and outfits are to you given your job?

Actually, and it may not come across as a surprise to those who know me, I am a very simple guy with simple outfit tastes; and this shows clearly in my photos as well as travel. I aim at staying simple and comfortable and try to influence others to do the same.

What is your favorite outfit for a day out for photography?

Typically, I’d wear a white tshirt, beige pants, and sports shoes. This could be for any day and any casual occasion. If it was winter, then id just add a jacket or a cardigan on top.

Why did you choose beingsalem as your nickname?

Salem is my name, I thought of beingsalem because I wanted to be the real me in social media 

Did the social media changed you ?

Of course, I’m more confident about myself and in my decisions, and now I’m more responsible and I have to be careful of how to influence people to do the good things .

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