To know everything about painting, Ms. Sona Samipoخr, owner of Sona Arte brand, explains about painting

The history of the first painting is not known, but the first paintings were found in caves where early humans lived. In fact, painting is one of the ways to express people’s feelings in a non-verbal way, which always has its fans due to its beauty and inherent charm. In our country, since 1949, painting was taught as one of the first fields of art in the university. Until now, the teaching of painting has continued experimentally between teacher and students; After the discipline was introduced academically by the universities,…

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Mrs. Sanam R. (Samipoor), a famous blogger, explains how to be a blogger with the 2021 method

Many people want to know how to become an Instagram blogger. For that, we should know that Instagram today is no different from social media in 2012 which were assigned for sharing and viewing our friends’ photos. Nowadays, many people try being a blogger by creating quality content. It is obvious now that being a blogger on Instagram is not a one-night stand success and it requires a lot of effort and determination. However, being a blogger on a competitive media such as Instagram is not an impossible mission. You…

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