Tata Curvv EV And ICE: Disclosing Official Launch Schedules

At this month’s Bharat Mobility Global Auto Expo, Tata Motors, the nation’s third-largest automaker, debuted the much awaited Tata Curvv coupe SUV. The business claims that both ICE and EV powertrains will be available for this new vehicle when it launches. The Curvv’s official launch dates for both the internal combustion and electric engine versions have now been made public by Tata Motors. The launch schedule for the Harrier EV has also been finalised by the company in conjunction with this announcement.

Start Timings

Tata Motors has stated that the Curvv EV will go on sale in the second quarter of 2025. Accordingly, the EV model will be introduced by the corporation either in July or September of 2024. Three or four months after the Curvv EV’s release, the ICE version of the car will be unveiled. To further broaden the company’s selection of electric vehicles, Tata Motors has also revealed that the Harrier EV will debut as the third model following the Curvv EV and ICE versions.

Details of the 2024 Tata Curvv

One of the most distinctive products the firm has ever created is the Tata Curvv. This model’s flush-fitting door handles and coupe-like roofline define its unique design language. Like Tata’s latest models, the Harrier and Safari, the SUV has a muscular front end with a gloss black grille, slim headlights, and dual-function LED daytime running lights. The Curvv’s sporty style appeal is further enhanced with gloss black accents surrounding the wheel arches and side running boards, as well as a brushed silver finish on the lower air dam.

Now let’s talk about the interior. ACI recently posted a photo of it online. A roomy and opulent inside awaits you in the Tata Curvv, which has design elements taken from the wildly successful Tata Nexon sub-compact SUV. The vehicle will have a two-spoke steering wheel, a 10.25-inch touchscreen display, and a multilayered dashboard design. A 10.25-inch digital instrument gauge cluster will probably be included as well. A wireless smartphone charging pad, a touch-based HVAC system, a sunroof, and controls integrated on the steering wheel are further high-end features.

2024 Tata Curvv engine choices

The next Tata Curvv EV is anticipated to have the same EV drivetrain as the recently unveiled Nexon EV facelift. The Medium-range model and the Long-range model are the two battery pack variants that could be available for the redesigned Curvv EV, similar to the Nexon EV facelift. The Nexon EV MR currently runs on a 30 kWh battery, whereas the LR model has a larger 40.5 kWh battery. The range of the departing Nexon EV facelift is approximately 325 km for the MR model and 465 km for the LR variant. According to reports, the Curvv EV will have a range of about 500 kilometres on a single full charge.

The business will introduce the Tata Curvv with its tried-and-true 1.5-liter, 4-cylinder diesel engine in addition to the EV drivetrain. At its maximum, this motor can produce 115 PS of power and 260 Nm of torque. It is anticipated that this engine would be mated to a manual gearbox. Rear disc brakes, front and rear parking sensors, 360-degree cameras, and a blind-spot monitor are among the safety features that the Curvv is expected to have, protecting both pedestrians and passengers.

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