The last image Jackson Warne took with his father Shane before he passed away

As Jackson Warne observed his first Father’s Day without his late father Shane Warne, he posted the final snapshot he had with him.

Jackson, 23, uploaded the previously unseen image along with a heartfelt homage to his father on Instagram on Sunday.

“This was our final shot together, ever. He wrote the date on the photo, which was taken just days before his father passed away: “24.2.2022.”

“Working on something we both enjoyed. a game of poker. Miss you, buddy. Father’s Day greetings.

Jackson and his father were smiling and wearing identical hats when the picture was taken, with Shane leaning in to spend one of many moments with his son away from work.

Jackson received support from his famous pals who flooded the post with love and condolences as he observed his first Father’s Day without Shane.

Michael Clarke, a fellow cricketing icon, and Schapelle Corby both put heart emojis on the post.

Keep up the good work in your life because he was very proud of you. Ant Middleton, an SAS: Australia star, tweeted, “Stay strong Jackson.

Brooke, Jackson’s older sister, quickly left a comment on the article expressing her love for Jackson and paying tribute to Shane on her Instagram page.

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