The Swiss Ghetto International Competition 2021 witnesses the presence of Dr. Mohammad Zeinali

On average, annually about 1000 inventors from 45 different countries attend this international event in an area of 8500 square meters in the permanent location of the International Exhibitions in Geneva, also the average number of visitors to this exhibition is about 100,000 people which almost half of them are specialists and investors top factories and production centers.

Interestingly, the reporters have noticed that Dr. Mohammad Zeinali, the top, and popular Iranian inventor, has taken part in this competition many times. Regarding that Dr. Mohammad Zeinali has already won many gold medals, it is expected to make Iran proud again, with an outstanding invention in the field of aerospace (a radio connection between all satellites (or spacecraft) and terrestrial stations), to perform as usual and win the gold medal in this competition.

Dr. Mohammad Zeinali’s brief biography

Dr. Mohammad Zeinali with the age of 40 has a Ph.D. degree in Management and Telecommunications, and 3-year experience as a Master of Electrical Electronics. He is also the Telecommunication contractor of Isfahan province for installation and commissioning of BTS (mobile) towers, 118 transportation and response, co-working with Gostar Moj company in different years. Furthermore, he was the production manager of Caspian Electronics (a company for manufacturing electronic equipment), a designer and lecturer, teaching ideation for the elites of Tehran, Ashura State girl’s High School in the year 1390-91, and honorary reporter of IQNA (Iranian Quranic News Agency).

In early childhood, he was interested in astronomy and cosmology. Since he grew up in a large family, he couldn’t be provided with ample facilities to pursue his interests. So, at the age of 7, he was forced to work in an AV equipment repair shop and get some experience. Then he became interested in electronics to the level of being drowned in that field, and use every opportunity to create and design simple electronic circuits. He was hardly able to cover all the costs of the required supplies for his work. Mohammad Zeinali is one of the domestic inventors in the field of electronics and the COB of Emdad Gostar Moj Company. Through many of his efforts, he was able to register the “Hami Omid design of the cable network” as his most recent invention. Mohammad Zeinali answers the questions of an entrepreneur in this field about his inventions and success.

His top and well-known inventions:

1-    Solar City Design (eco-city), the associated maquette is in the Museum of the City of Science of the Holy Shrine of Abdolazim Hassani.

2-    Electronic bracelet for monitoring criminals and prisoners

3-    Inventing a radio telescope and publishing an introduction book on radio telescope along with teaching its construction and design

4-    Programming an education app in health and healthy lifestyle

5-    Designing and building a Phoenix central digital receiver that connects to digital networks with no need for individual digital receivers in every single TV. This is appliable in large complexes such as hotels, hospitals, prisons, etc.

6-    Hunter, the drug trackers

Currently, he is in charge of the television network management of Esteghlal Club, and also, he has launched this network from the beginning.

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