His grit, commitment and passion have brought Ibrahim Khalil to the forefront of the music industry of Germany.

To be heard and loved by the audience is what a singer/ artist dreams for and the one who follows it blindly even after failing definitely reaches up to something they want. Since trying step after step is not something that everyone can do; the ones who get success inspire the rest. This is how a boy from the streets of the nation of Germany named Ibrahim Khalil, turned into an inspirational and successful music artist. His songs have been heard by myriads and a successful fan following have built in a short period. When an artist is accepted and appreciated by his audience, that’s when and where he starts from his journey of singing and creating.

As it is a true stated fact that an artist exists when his/her fans exist. Ibrahim Khalil worked and paved his way out in the industry to reminisce, and that also from an early age. It was 2012 when he and his family got shifted from Syria to Germany, and this made it quite difficult for Ibrahim to get adjusted to everything new. But through the support of his parents and his faith in his endeavour, is all that brought him to launch his first song «Beje Beje». This track was warmly greeted by the audience and thereafter, the roster began with a bunch of hits. The two most popular ones on the top were «Heyo» and «Bvnm».

Undeniably, Ibrahim Khalil has earned everything through dedication and now his success is roaring by the streets of Germany. His work has been viewed in Yazidi Music and he also made his place, by becoming a member of the same Yazidi popular music. He has been featured in various renowned magazines like Naska Musik and ProClip, and also got interviewed by various TV shows. He is now called a much-in-demand artist for this generation.

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