Angelo D’acunto Shares the Inner Workings of The Life of a High Ticket Closer

Angelo D’acunto spends most of his days in conversation with prospects, connecting and closing them with the top industry leaders of France. From coaches to influencers, to date, Angelo has collaborated with myriad providers to help them increase their leads and scale their business. Stepping aside from these technicalities, Angelo D’acunto shared with us some of the lesser-known details in the life of a high ticket closer. 

D’acunto relates that his life can be pretty challenging most days. Negotiations never go easy, and each prospect demands complete involvement from his side without any let-up. Therefore, there are days when he hardly gets to spend time on himself or with his family. Luckily for Mr. D’acunto, his work is his recreation, and he is thoroughly passionate about the role he plays in people’s lives- so much so that every successful closing leaves him doubly recharged for five more.  

“Helping people around the world- changing one life at a time is what drives me.” He claims. Angelo lost both his parents quite early in his life- his father passed away when he was 11, while his mother was with him until 15. Angelo had always assumed full responsibility for himself, so it was not long before he began work as a security guard. Dissatisfied with the job, he trained himself to be closer and worked up the hierarchy to attain the fame and respect he has in the industry today. 

Perhaps it was his strife that gave Angelo such a strong understanding of people and their wants. Whatever the cause may be, Angelo’s empathetic nature and maturity of thought have often been the driving forces behind many of his successful closings. He always wishes the best for all people involved in a transaction, and he is never hesitant to go the extra mile for them.

His approachable nature and unique working style have established him as one of the top professionals in this field of work. He claims that his journey has just begun, and he is eagerly looking forward to many more collaborations that can help him transform lives. Sincerely wishing for his best, we hope all his dreams come to fruition.  

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