Toyota’s 4-Door GR86 Aims To Appeal To A Broader Audience

With a sleek new design and interior, the second generation Toyota GR86 arrived in shops in late 2021, offering roughly 10% more power than its predecessor.

In the United States, only over 11,000 units were sold in 2023—a negligible amount in comparison to the enormously successful RAV4, which sold over 434,000 units.

Put that idea aside for a second because the new GR86 range will come with a huge surprise. According to Best Car, the best-selling automobile magazine in Japan, a new 2-door model will go on sale in showrooms in 2025. And then, after about a year, thousands more drivers will find the GR86 much more appealing because Toyota is also going to make a 4-door version of it.

The 350 horsepower turbocharged hybrid powerplant in the new 4-door

With a larger consumer base of people seeking a 4-door sedan with a bit more excitement than the 232,000 Corolla and over 290,000 Camry models that were sold in 2023, the brand will be able to capitalise on this.

Speaking of “more exciting,” Toyota’s 300 horsepower, 3-cylinder, 1.6-liter turbocharged gasoline engine, which powers the GR Corolla, will power the new 4-door GR86. However, Best Car reports that the 1.6-liter engine in the 4-door GR86 will also be equipped with an electric motor, converting it to a hybrid. This addition will increase the output of the new 4-door GR86 to a robust 350 horsepower, which will still be sent to the rear wheels.

Another significant change is that Toyota will now be handling research and development duties for the GR86, replacing Subaru, which released the BRZ sibling vehicle to the first GR86. And in doing so, Toyota will use the new 4-door GR86’s Lexus IS platform.

Media and enthusiasts had criticised Toyota for working together to build sports cars such as the Supra with BMW’s Z4 and the GR86 with Subaru’s BRZ. Toyota, however, wants to take control of the development of their sporty cars and use their own chassis and power plants after experiencing enormous success with their GR Yaris rally vehicle in the World Rally Championships. The GR Yaris rally car shares the same engine as the GR Corolla.

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