India’s Safest Automobiles on the Road: February 2024 Update

For a very long period, India has not had the finest reputation for having safe automobiles and roads. However, since road safety is becoming a bigger issue in the nation, automakers have started placing a lot of emphasis on the safety features of their vehicles in recent years. India offers a lot of safe automobiles as of February 2024. If you’re one of the prospective purchasers and want to know the full list of the top 10 safe cars in India, you’ve come to the right place.

The Tata Safari

Right now, the safest car in the nation is the redesigned Tata Safari. It just received a total score of 33.05 out of 34 for adult occupant protection in the Bharat NCAP tests. Meanwhile, it received a commendable 45 out of 49 points for kid occupant protection. The current starting price for the 2024 Tata Safari facelift is Rs 16.19 lakh.

The Tata Harrier

The all-new Tata Harrier facelift, which is the five-door twin sibling of the Tata Safari facelift, has likewise succeeded in receiving the same scores as its sibling. In terms of adult occupant protection, the Harrier facelift has received the same rating of 33.05 out of 34 stars. Additionally, it scored 45 out of 49 marks for protecting young occupants. Bharat NCAP conducted tests on both vehicles. The initial cost of the Harrier facelift is Rs 15.49 lakh.

Lenovo Nexon

The Tata Nexon facelift, another vehicle from Tata Motors, is ranked third on this list. Recently, Global NCAP was tasked with conducting crash testing on the newly redesigned vehicle. In terms of adult and child occupant protection, it received scores of 32.22 out of 34 and 44.2 out of 49, respectively. Right now, the new Nexon costs at Rs 8.15 lakh.

Volkswagen Virtus

The Virtus mid-size sedan from German automaker Volkswagen is the fourth vehicle on this list. The Volkswagen Virtus has a commendable adult occupant protection rating of 29.71 out of 34 stars. In contrast, it received about 42 out of 49 marks for protecting children in vehicles. In India, the Virtus currently starts at Rs 11.48 lakh.

Skoda Slavia

In the crash testing, the Volkswagen Virtus’ cousin, the Skoda Slavia, achieved an identical score of points. Additionally, the Slavia received scores of 42/49 for child occupant protection and 29.71 out of 34 for adult occupant protection. It has gained a lot of popularity in the nation because to its robust body structure and active safety features, and its starting price is Rs 11.53 lakh.

Kushaq Skoda

The mid-size SUV from Czech automaker Skoda, the Kushaq, has taken sixth place on this list, following in the footsteps of its brothers. In terms of adult and child occupant protection, the Skoda Kushaq has received scores of 29.64 out of 34 and 42 out of 49, respectively. In the nation, this well-liked SUV starts at Rs 11.89 lakh.

Toyota Taigun by Volkswagen

The Taigun, the fourth vehicle built on the MQB A0 IN platform, has received the exact same score as its cousin, the Skoda Kushaq, as part of Volkswagen Group’s India 2.0 strategy. In terms of adult and child occupant protection, it received the exact same scores of 29.63 out of 34 and 42 out of 49, respectively. In India, the starting price of this mid-size SUV is currently Rs 11.70 lakh.

Mahindra Scorpio-N

The most well-liked vehicle from Mahindra, the biggest SUV manufacturer in the nation, the Scorpio N, has also managed to get a commendable 29.59 out of 34 for adult protection. Its grade for child protection, which stands at 28.93 out of 49, is somewhat inadequate. In spite of this, the car, which has a starting price of Rs 13.6 lakh, has a large following in the nation.

Verna from Hyundai

Hyundai has produced another one of the safest sedans in the nation. The newly redesigned Verna received scores of 42 out of 49 for child occupant protection and 28.18 out of 34 for adult occupant protection. Starting at Rs 11 lakh, the South Korean automaker’s newest sedan is available.

Altroz Tata

Even though it was introduced some time ago, the Tata Altroz maintains its standing as one of India’s safest hatchbacks. According to outdated regulations, the Tata Altroz has achieved an outstanding score of 16.13 out of 17 for adult occupant protection. Its grade for kid protection, at 29 out of 49, is somewhat lower. The base price of this well-liked luxury hatchback is Rs 6.65 lakh.

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