Vast and SpaceX plan to launch the first commercial space station in 2025

The first commercial space station is being launched in a hurry by another company. In order to launch its Haven-1 station in August 2025, Vast has formed a partnership with SpaceX. The platform will be launched into low-Earth orbit by a Falcon 9 rocket, and a Crew Dragon-powered Vast-1 mission will bring four people to Haven-1 for up to 30 days. Tremendous is taking appointments for team expecting to scientific in scientific or generous work. The organization has the option of a second crewed SpaceX mission.

Haven-1 is moderately little. It isn’t a lot bigger than SpaceX’s capsule, and is basically expected for science and small-scale orbital manufacturing for the four individuals who dock. Haven-1 can spin to mimic the Moon’s gravity, however, and there are big plans to reduce it to a single module in a larger station.

The 2025 target is ambitious and could see Vast beat notable opponents to deploying a private space station. Blue Origin, owned by Jeff Bezos, does not anticipate launching its Orbital Reef until the latter half of the decade. Nanoracks, Voyager, and Lockheed Martin do not anticipate operating their Starlab facilities before 2027. With a launch scheduled for late 2025, Axiom has the best chance of outperforming Vast.

Given the difficulties and costs of building an orbital habitat, which must be a safe vehicle that can comfortably accommodate humans for longer than just a rocket launch, none of these timelines can be guaranteed to be met. However, this suggests that stations, following tourism and lunar missions, will be the next major phase of private spaceflight.

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