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Virtual Fitness coaching of Amer Kamra in 2021, bringing all the fitness lovers on one platform and helping them regain their shapes.

Online fitness coaching isn’t a new theory, but it has taken on new demand since the dawn of the global Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. In addition, there is a shift in user attitudes and habits towards health and fitness. As a result, more personalities are open to the idea of remote training. Personal trainers or, say, fitness coaches like Amer Kamra, therefore, step up to the challenge to meet the demands of clients.

Canada’s fitness coach, fitness trainer, or entrepreneur Amer Kamra says the new normal is online fitness coaching. With the pandemic continuing, online fitness classes are rising everywhere. These concourses offer training in yoga, workouts, Pilates and much more. So, this means that online fitness coaching is the new norm.

Toronto, Canada based trainer and coach Amer Kamra, who is helping top clients, which include celebrities, professional athletes, fitness competitors and everyday people. He feels ONLINE FITNESS COACHING IS A Current Concept, and it will work for a long time at least till 2022.

When we see the online fitness training of Amer Kamra, you feel it isn’t that much different than a ‘live’ version of these pre-recorded classes. He provides both live and recorded sessions to share workouts with clients.

Even from online Amer Kamra is able to manage:

Check Fitness Level.
Set possible goals.
Build strength and lose fat.
Nutrition advice.

Many gyms and independent personal trainers now offer these same perks as Amer provides via an online platform with one-on-one private training and group sessions.

It would be best if you had experts like Amer who can adapt to new methods to become the same fitness coach which they used to be before the pandemic.

Advantages OF getting online fitness coaching, according to us, are:
Manageable time
You get expert coaches and fitness trainers like Amer Kamra helping and your friends from on platform live.
An also better way of communication from home.

So if you are looking for an expert who can guide you every day from home, tune in with one of Canada’s expert fitness coaches and fitness trainer, Amer Kamra, on his social media platforms and get back to your shape with a strong mind in 2021.

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