While performing Kesariya in Telugu at a Brahmastra function, Ranbir Kapoor blushes intensely as Alia Bhatt points at him.

Karan Johar was thrilled by Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s PDA at the Brahmastra event and touched Ranbir on the head as she pointed to him and sang the Kesariya song.

Currently, one of Bollywood’s most adored couples is Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor. Alia even pointed at him while singing the sultry song Kesariya at a promotional event for their movie Brahmastra on Friday in Hyderabad. After Alia’s gesture, Ranbir could be seen gazing at the floor and hard-bobbing. Even Karan Johar picked it up and gave Ranbir’s flushed head a whack.

Alia was wearing a pink sharara that had been specially created for her and read “baby on board” on the back. Alia stated she had prepared the Kesariya song in Telugu for the event after the main event, which was supposed to take place at Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad, was abruptly postponed and the press event moved to a hotel. She continued by flawlessly singing Kumkumala combined with the Hindi version (Kesariya).

As she sang “din beete teri fikar mein (my days are spent thinking about you)”, she turned back to point towards Ranbir Kapoor as if singing for him. He was seen blushing and looking at the floor. Noticing this, Karan smiled and tapped on his head.

Brahmastra is Alia and Ranbir’s first film together. They started dating while working on the film. It has been quite a few years in the making. The two tied the knot in April this year in a close-knit ceremony at their residence. In June, Alia announced her pregnancy on Instagram by sharing a photo from a sonogram session.

At the Hyderabad event, their Brahmastra co-star Nagarjuna also blessed them on stage. He shared a sweet wish for their child and said that may the little one become bigger than the two actors. “We wish that you have a beautiful child and who’s going to be bigger than both of you together,” he said.

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