You can select the sports you want to watch on YouTube TV by “building a multiview”

A few people who watch sports games on YouTube TV have noticed a helpful update that is now available in limited capacity.

A person reported that they discovered a “built a multiview” option inside the settings of the pre-existing multiview options on the YouTube TV subreddit. The customer also mentioned that after engaging with it, they were able to select three more games to add to their multiview.

Furthermore, fans noticed that selecting which games to include in “build a multiview” worked for all sports, not only the NBA, when it came to NCAA competitions.

Additional testing revealed that users cannot choose which channel they want to add to multiview on their own. Since there was no obvious “cross-sport” choice, viewers would have to settle for whatever options YouTube TV had available under that category.

Still, compared to Multiview’s present randomizer, it’s a notable improvement for games to take up your spare displays.

The identical user report was seen by CordCutterNews, and the publication claims that Google confirmed that the feature is coming to all devices that support multiview. It’s still unclear when this will happen.

In June of last year, YouTube TV was observed developing a multiview feature that would allow viewers to watch news, sports, weather, and more. The functionality would provide users with a “pre-selected” cluster of streams for whichever category they are in, and it would be compatible with both Android and Google TV devices. Following the revelation of the testing, the deployment commenced this past summer.

People have not stopped complaining about how multiview preselects streams; at least it appears that this is changing with “build a multiview.”

For WNBA fans, YouTube TV launched multiview streaming in July that allowed them to watch one or more games on their Chromecast device with Google TV, smart TV, or Amazon Fire TV stick.

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