“5 MISTAKES ONLY AMATEUR DJS MAKE!”  SHA7AN, A Famous DJ And Producer, Will Help You Become Aware Of These Mistakes

Shayan Samadi, known as “Sha7an” is an international DJ and producer who has over 10 years of experience in his career. Sha7an has faced many challenges as a disc jockey and he is fully aware of mistakes DJs do while performing. Now he is going to help you to do not make these mistakes.

In the first place, as a professional DJ do not play for free. Never take on a DJing gig that doesn’t pay. Whether you’re going to be making beats for another artist or playing an event, you need to receive some compensation to avoid devaluing your skills.

Skipping the sound check is another mistake that help to not playing well. Many beginner DJs allow the venue to handle the sound check in order to do that themselves and this can lead to volume mistakes. Proper acoustic controls and the ability to adjust sound levels on the fly during the gig is necessary.

Not knowing the mix well is a glaring mistake. Experimenting can be exciting, especially live, but mixing music that you don’t know well could end with some unprofessional cuts and a horrible remix that could have been prevented.

A very wrong mistake which an amateur DJ can do is not bringing Spare Cords.Your cords are just as important as any of your equipment. Adapters and extension cords are often needed for setting up at any venue. RCA cords and even power extension cords are some of the first items in your gearbox that may start to break.

In addition to all these wrong actions, not cleaning your equipment is a mistake that many amateurs make without knowing the importance of that. If your decks are sitting and collecting dust for a few weeks, and then you decide to record something, there is a chance you could mess up the mix simply because there was some dust or grime that collected on part of that equipment.

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