Apple intends to introduce a mixed-reality headset in the fall of 2023

Apple’s newly designed mixed-reality headset will be announced in spring and made available to consumers by fall.

According to the publication, Apple has given the headset the name “Reality Pro,” and it will run on the brand-new xrOS operating system. In addition, Apple has given early access to the headset to a select group of software developers.

With its tablet and smartphone products, which enable users to experience augmented reality developed by third parties, Apple commands a formidable position in the virtual and augmented reality industry.

However, the headset, which will be announced soon, will directly compete with Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta. The metaverse, a virtual reality landscape where users can interact with others from all over the world, was launched by Zuckerberg last year.

Apple’s mixed-reality product, on the other hand, uses both real-world and computer-generated environments instead of just virtual ones.

The report by Bloomberg also stated that Apple intends to release minor updates to its iPads, MacBooks, Watch, and TV. At the same time, the headset is expected to receive the majority of the company’s new innovations this year.

Due to protests over China’s COVID-19 policies, Apple’s largest factory in central China was shut down, causing delays in shipping its most recent iPhone 14 during the holiday season.

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