Budweiser APAC gets Most Honored Firm, Best ESG, Investor Relations, CEO Awards

Institutional Investor, a leading international business-to-business publisher, has declared the champs of the 2022 “Executive Teams”. Budweiser APAC was positioned the Most Honored Company #1 and Jan Craps, Co-Chair and CEO of Budweiser APAC, was granted the Best CEO #1 among Rest Asia (ex. Central area) in Consumer Staple area. Among the honors we got were Best ESG #1, Best IR Professional #1 and #2, Best IR Team #1 and Best IR Program #1.

Institutional Investor is a main worldwide business-to-business distributer, zeroed in fundamentally on global money. It offers profoundly regarded restrictive exploration and rankings on purchase side and sell-side examination and corporates. These rankings are the business’ benchmark for the best corporate pioneers and financial backer relations experts across Asia Pacific, and the distributed position is affirmation straightforwardly from financial backers as well as sell-side investigators of the quality and dependability of the organization’s endeavors. We have been exceptionally perceived for our immense endeavors in Business Development, ESG and Senior Management by worldwide financial backers, and have acquired the most noteworthy respect in the business.

With the responsibility of turning into “the Most Loved High-Quality Growth Leader in Beverage”, Budweiser APAC will keep on rehearsing the motivation behind “We think beyond practical boundaries to make a future with additional cheers!” to make a future that everybody can celebrate!

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