Carl Eric Martin Runefelt Explains What People Need To Know Before They Begin Their Journeys Into Trading

The 26-year-old trader and YouTuber, Carl Runefelt has made his unique niche into the trading world exuding passion and a strong will to make that transition the world needs for virtual payments.

Getting into any industry not only requires the passion or the drive to achieve success but a pool of other essential things and knowledge as well which can help individuals create their success stories. Carl Eric Martin Runefelt is amongst those highly passionate and prolific professionals in the trading world who has gone ahead to create a massive following of his for his YouTube channel, ‘The Moon’ where he imparts the best and the most accurate information on everything related to trading and bitcoin with at least one video each day on his channel. The success he attained in the trading world was not an overnight success and hence, he suggests to all other rising traders to keep in mind certain things before they begin their journeys into trading.

  • Gain accurate and enough information of the market: Before implementing any strategies or getting into an industry, the first and the foremost thing to keep in mind is to gather as much information and knowledge about the market. It is a market which is known for its volatility and there are a lot many factors that affect the price of bitcoin which people must get aware of like news, events, supply, etc.

  • Create a trading plan: Creating strategies come second after building a trading plan. With a trading plan, individuals are less likely to incur losses also only if they know how to control their emotions like greed and fear as well. With a trading plan, Carl Eric Martin suggests people must draw their goals that can be attainable. With this, they must also know their trading style depending on how long they wish to keep trading and how often. The plan must also include a risk profile to know how much they would like to risk on each trade.

  • Learn to manage the risk: The market everyone knows is quite elusive and how risky it can get at times. Hence, to learn to manage the risk comes as the crucial most part of becoming a trader, points out Carl Eric Martin. Creating a good risk management strategy must include limits and stops for setting out the parameters of the trade.

Whether it is about learning about the risks or the actions one can take to draw a successful path in the trading world, Carl Eric Martin Runefelt serves as the best professional and YouTuber who can educate people about the know-how of the industry and make them understand about the true value of bitcoin competing against the broken system.

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