Dr. Mohammad Zeinali left Iran for Geneva. (Will Dr. Mohammad Zeinali says goodbye to his homeland after the World Championships ?!)

Recently, some various reports represent that Dr. Mohammad Zeinali has left Iran for Geneva, Switzerland.

He is an Iranian inventor and genius engineer who registered more than 15 inventions in various fields of telecommunications, electronics and medical engineering.

He also received Gold medals and Diamonds statues of the IUI International Institute for Patent and Innovation, and this honor made him known as one of the youngest and most successful inventors in the world.

This talented young scientist is reported to be preparing for the Geneva Patent Competition.

He has won three world gold medals at the Geneva-Switzerland Invention Competition so far.

His inventions are always full of practical innovation and novelty.

His other remarkable activities include presenting the Solar City (Eco city) plan, inventing electronic bracelets to control criminals and prisoners, building a radio telescope and writing a radio telescope training book along with its construction and design, building health education software and healthy lifestyle, and also design and construction of Phoenix central digital receiver to receive digital networks without the need for digital receivers next to the TV in large complexes such as hotels, hospitals, prisons and more over.

According to him, he had other inventions in his youth, which he had to sell to Caspian Electronics due to economic issues, and now he is the production CIO of this factory.

His remarkable activities are not limited to distinguished inventions and discoveries; but he also has many significant works in the field of writing and compiling scientific and cultural materials, including books such as Introduction to Radio Astronomy, Nonlinear and Comparative Control Systems. Discrete Optimal Reverse Time Control for nonlinear systems, familiarity with the principles and concepts of electronics and advanced control engineering published in the scientific field.

However, he has authored other books, entitled “Fostering Children’s Creativity” and “Creativity and Ideation Lessons”, which he has also taught himself.

His goal is to flourish and sow the seeds of creativity in children, and also nurture and spread them into adults.

The way that has been very effective in his inventions and innovations.

This successful and skilled young man, responding to the questions that have been asked about his emigration from homeland; stated that if there is a very suitable situation and atmosphere for him in another country, by accepting the invitation will migrate for a while to develop his sciences and acquire new abilities.

Eventually, it can consider that the activities and successes of such people in any part of the world will be beneficial and effective not only for the people of that country, but for the whole world.

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