Dubai is the next destination for the Ghazal Dreadluck workshop + Dreadluck history

This time, Dubai will host educational conferences on Ghazal Dreadluck

  After experiencing the successful conferences of the past, this time the next destination is the Ghazal conferences of Dubai

  According to the information obtained, this workshop is professional and specialized and fully guaranteed for men and women

  You can get your documents in this field by participating in conferences. According to our information, Ghazal Dreadluck organizes conferences and workshops both in Iran and abroad.

  But let’s talk about the history of hair texture

  Hair Texture ! Nowadays, most women are looking for beauty. You can use this characteristic of women and create a great and profitable job for yourself.

  Hair braiding is one of the oldest and most popular methods of hair styling. Even some men weave on their hair.

  Most women prefer to attend parties with well-groomed and beautiful hair when they are invited to parties and friendly gatherings. Hair weaving is less expensive than chignon, but in return, it will have more customers.

  Agreed, before you learn how to make money from this job, learn a little about the history of hair weaving!

  History of hair texture

  The past generations have been the innovators of hair weaving in different cultures. It is interesting to know that with the passage of time and the advancement of fashion, hair weaving is still popular and enjoyed by all cultures.

  The only difference that has been created is the combination of the old texture models with the new texture!

  For example, decorative fabrics are very popular among African societies. African men and women have thick and curly hair that use special methods for weaving their hair according to the type and texture of their hair.

  First of all, they use hair texture to maintain their health and then for their beauty and sometimes to show their personality and social status.

  Another popular society of hair weaving was the Egyptians! During their lifetime and reign, and even decorating their bodies and embalming them, they also used hair weaves and used glass and gold sequins and beads for decoration.

  Indian women have always been visible with long hair and heavy braids. Due to the large volume of their hair, Indian women wear and decorate it with their own traditional clothes and ornaments.

  In countries like China or Japan, the social status of each person is determined according to the model of hair texture.

  The higher the status and rank of the person, the more complex the hair texture is!

  interesting, does not it?!

  In general, in royal palaces, the higher the job rank and duties of a person, the more his hair style goes from simple to complex

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