Author and Investor Matthew Garland  is Here to Teach us about Real Estate

Contrary to common belief, getting a mortgage and investing in real estate are challenging procedures. I’m about to introduce you to one of the most well-known figures in the industry, a best-selling author who has built a successful career and given advice to countless numbers of people. Years must be invested in mastering this art, and as with any investment, one must choose the ideal business to back.

With more than 19 years of experience in the mortgage industry, Matthew Garland, sometimes known as “MG the Mortgage Guy,” has funded more than $1 billion in mortgage loans. Due to his extensive expertise and enthusiasm for the subject, he has achieved success as a counsellor and a leader in the industry.

Earn Your Leisure University, a self-directed educational programme, is well known for teaching students how to manage their finances and make sensible investment decisions. This initiative was also co-founded, according to Matthew Garland. They provide a variety of resources to help students reach their professional and personal objectives as well as build useful skills because they think everyone should have access to financial freedom.

He also founded the real estate podcast “Rants and Gems,” which is currently ranked among the top 50 investing podcasts globally, as well as the yearly finance and investment event “Investfest.” These websites aim to educate and inspire visitors from all walks of life about the fundamentals of real estate and other forms of investments.

Due to his thorough research and industry knowledge, Matthew Garland is a well-respected advisor. Unlike other real estate investors, he encourages homeownership and provides people with the information and resources they need to do so, regardless of their current circumstances.

You now know who to emulate if you are currently considering making an investment in real estate. You can follow him on Instagram and subscribe to his podcast for more real estate investment.

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