Meet Isabella Mastrodicasa, Manager and Producer

Isabella Mastrodicasa is a talent manager and producer in Hollywood, and she focuses on female voices and global storytelling.  

Isabella was raised in a small Italian countryside town and left home to pursue her education, first earning a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in law in Milan and later studying film and entertainment at UCLA. 

“I was always passionate about Italian and American cinema, and I dreamt of one day being able to work with artists and other fellow dreamers,” she says. “With time I expanded my horizons to international filmmakers and producing stories I love and getting inspired by them is what makes me excited about my work. I love to put my time and efforts at the service of those whose opinion I respect the most, and whose message I value the most, and this naturally leads me to work with creators that have unique perspectives.” 

Being able to succeed in the entertainment industry is tough and challenging, but “you need to stay true to yourself while working hard every day to take a step forward,” Isabella says. “You need to stay consistent and do every day something that scares you but puts your career one step ahead, even when you doubt your path or think of quitting.” She now works at Heroes and Villains Entertainment, a leading management and production company that represents over 200 diverse and unique voices that create shows for studios and networks as well as digital platforms.

Isabella Mastrodicasa is determined to continue serving compelling storytelling and providing space for diverse and international voices. She thinks that the power of the new generation of Hollywood executives comes from being a united front of passionate hustlers who respect each community and support inclusivity on every level, as well as talented narrators from all over the world.

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