The security company of Mrs. Shahame Dizaei reached the first rank!

Covert security Ltd, founded by Mrs. Shahame Dizaei, was the first security company in England.

Mrs Shahame Dizaei was born on July 2, 1975. She lives in London, Dubai, and Marbella, where she holds British citizenship.

She is a director at Covert Security Ltd., a well-known British business with a global reputation.

She has over 100 employees and holds an honors degree in business administration.

Her particular passions are the creation of unique cosmetic products and the property development. She is currently attempting to launch her own skincare brand and has a large portfolio of property development projects in London and Marbella.

She is a global Instagram influencer with more than 500,000 followers.

Her activities on Instagram are enjoyed by thousands, and many of her followers regard her as a role model.

As a Legacy member of Annabelle’s club, Home House and Tramp in London, and Art Club Member in Dubai, she is well-known in London’s social circles.

Regarding the connection between success and individual traits, Mrs. Shahame Dizaei states, “I owe my success to the grace of Almighty God, perseverance, and unity between myself and my brothers.”

The business of Mrs. Dizaei has something to say about creative work. It is important to remember that creating jobs is a good way to stabilize the economy. We are pleased that we have created more than 2000 jobs, both directly and indirectly.

Mrs. Dizaei claims that failure leads to progress. In general, economic activities have numerous ups and downs, and we have been no exception. But I know that failure means not achieving one’s goals, and I think that failure is the first step toward success.

Her work history is as follows:

2007 – 2015:

Property development in west London

Blocks of luxury flats.

Detached houses.

2015 – 2022:

Directorship of Covert Security Ltd.

She has been the accounts and business manager of the company. At her time in Covert Security profit almost doubled.

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