The biography of Ali Dizaei was published!

The Iranian police chief did not tolerate British racism.

The story of Dizaei’s life, struggles, and accusations, as well as the sacrifices and bravery of his wife Shahame, is presented in the book “Crossing the Red Line,” which was published by the Saless Publications.

In addition, the audience receives interesting and useful information, ranging from Scotland Yard and the Royal Palace to information about London’s social hierarchy and the streets. You can read about the most contentious and costly espionage operation against a police officer in England, which cost 7 million pounds and involved 60 police officers, in this book.

In the year 1345, Ali Dizaei was born in Nizamabad, Tehran. His father, like his grandfather, was a police colonel and worried about his children’s future. He decided to send him and his brother to a boarding school in England.

He claims that “I would never have emigrated if I were six years old and the decision was up to me.” I was reluctant to go and resisted, but the promise of purchasing a motorcycle, one of my dreams, eventually won me over. I felt sad about being homeless because of that boarding school with its dim corridors, high ceiling, and musty odor. I experienced discrimination and injustice for the first time there, but I also learned to be strong and pursue my goals. I met a boy named Kevin at school who was extremely intelligent, diligent, and knowledgeable about all subjects. I tried very hard to become friends with this boy and emulate his success and wisdom because he had a significant impact on my destiny.

He describes the book “Crossing the Red Line” as a present for his fellow citizens, saying: To those who are interested, seekers of the truth, and combatants against discrimination and oppression, I would like to provide a description of my real life, free of rumors and prejudices, and to remind them that even in the worst and most hopeless situations, you can overcome the most difficult obstacles and achieve one’s goal with faith in God and self-belief.

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