What is the difference between composing and arranging a song? From the words of Amiraam:

In fact, in general, composition and arrangement are complementary to create a work and somehow cover each other and make the work beautiful and pleasant.

 When a composer composes, he involves his whole soul in the text according to his knowledge of composition.

 Sometimes it happens that the composer composes music without having a poem or song, and the poet or songwriter writes his poem or song according to that melody.

 which is not much different in both cases.

The composer is responsible for conducting the orchestra. And he says what instruments should be used according to the atmosphere of the song and determines the style of the work.

 And in the same genre, he implements his ideas and performs the notes related to that song with a certain elegance.

The tuner needs host software to tune. through which it performs the work of recording the instrument or playing the virtual instrument.

 In fact, if the arranger does his job well, he can present a simple melody in the most beautiful way possible.

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